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"Park Enterprises Volleyball Statistics program is easy to install and use and provides me with the detailed statistics that I need after each game as well as cumulative throughout the season. The technical support service and software updates through the years has been outstanding."
Mary Schropfer, Volleyball Coach, Lincoln Southwest High School - Lincoln, Nebraska
. Now available: :Six volleyball software programs to assist you and your volleyball team. Our programs are compatible with all computers running Windows 7 and previous versions. The only system requirement is that there be 10 megs of free hard drive space available for successful installation.
  • The “Volleyball Statistics” software features include team and individual statistics for each match as well as season-to-date stats anytime.
  • It is menu-driven so it is easy to use.
  • This software can keep stats for an unlimited number of teams.
  • Each team may have a maximum of up to 40 players in up to 80 matches per season in up to 5 games per match.
  • Statistics include games played, attacks, blocks, serves, sets, passes, digs, and serve receptions.
  • Each statistical attempt is rated from Excellent (numerical value = 4), Good (3), Fair (2), Poor (1), and Error (zero value). A rating score per attempt is calculated from this information so individual players' skill levels may be better identified.
  • You may choose not to use this ratings feature simply by give each attempt the same numerical rating, all 3’s for example.
  • The "average/attempt" is printed for every stat where applicable.
  • There is tracking of errors made during attacks. Out long, out left, out right, into the net, and violations are the choices.
  • There is a team results match-by-match summary printout.
  • There is automatic calculation of all percentages and averages.
  • Kill efficiency is printed as a 3-digit decimal.
  • There is a miscellaneous column for any additional desired statistic.
  • This software generates a neat printout of individual and team statistics for any single match or season-to-date cumulative statistics.
  • Cumulative statistics may include all matches or just certain user-selected ones (example: conference only, district only, etc.).
  • Single player match-by-match reports as well as team match summary reports are also available.
  • This program has the ability to save reports in “HTML” format, which may be posted directly to your website or emailed to the media.
Printout Samples:
Windows Input Screen · Game Statistics · Team Summary & Match-by-Match

  • The “Volleyball Courtside Stats” software is a real-time program that is used DURING the match to record statistics with the computer in lieu of clipboards, pencils, and paper.
  • All the stats mentioned above in "Volleyball Statistics" are included in the "VB Courtside Stats" program also.
  • You may track stats for both you and your opponent (if desired).
  • The "Excellent=4, Good=3, Fair=2, Poor=1, and Error=0 rating system is utilized for grading statistical efforts.
  • A graphic court is included on the input screen so attacking and serving positions and subsequent targets may be indicated. From this information, charts are created indicating frequency patterns for attacks and serves. Use of this feature is optional but very informative.
  • Complete match statistics are available immediately following the match for distribution to visiting coaches, your players, and the media.
  • Statistics recorded by "VB Courtside Stats" may be exported into the Park Enterprises "Volleyball Statistics" program as the next match on the current season's schedule which saves much time and effort.
  • "VB Courtside Stats" has the ability to save reports in “HTML” format, which may be posted directly to your website or emailed to the media.
Printout Samples:
Windows Input Screen · Game Statistics · Attack Chart

  • If you hand-write your volleyball practice plans, you'll love this software.
  • It is best described as a glorified word processor except drills and activities only need to be input once instead of re-typing them daily.
  • It is menu-driven so it's easy to use.
  • Full editing capability of all drill files and practice planning is included.
  • The Volleyball Practice Planner program has 16 different drill file categories such as spiking, serving, setting, warm-up activities, team activities, conditioning, etc. built right into the software.
  • There are up to 18 drills in each category that you input using your own personal drill names.
  • To plan a practice, you simply input day, date, and practice starting time, then select your practice activities from menus of the drill files and enter the drill period length.
  • The running clock time is kept automatically.
  • There is an option to type in any coach’s notes for any drill period.
  • The squad may be split into small groups (up to 10) for any practice period with different drills assigned to each group.
  • Final product is a neat and concise practice plan suitable for bulletin boards, copying, and filing (good for liability protection).
  • There is storage and recall for up to 80 different practice plans per season.
Printout Samples: Printout Samples: Windows Input Screen · Practice Plan

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