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"I was probably the first coach in our city to use the Park Enterprises golf stats program quite a few years ago and many teams have followed our example now. The biggest benefit I see is that it keeps my golfers more focused on what they're doing during their rounds. They like to discuss and compare the various stats after each round, not just their total scores. Also at the end of the season, the final stat report lets them know exactly what areas of their game they need to work on. It's a great teaching tool and helps the kids to realize some of the components of the sport, not just their score."
Jim Prag, Chaminade College Prep - St Louis MO
. Park Enterprises has five excellent computer programs available to assist you and your golf teams. Our programs are compatible with all computers running Windows 7 and previous versions. The only system requirement is that there be 10 megs of free hard drive space available for successful installation. 
  • The “Golf Statistics” program is a round-by-round (not hole-by-hole) statistics program.
  • This software keeps track of an unlimited number of teams.
  •  Statistics for up to 40 golfers per team in up to 40 different meets (per team).
  • Users choice as to the number of holes per round, 9 or 18.
  • Statistics tracked include number of rounds played; total strokes; number of sub-pars (eagles/birdies), pars, bogeys, double bogeys, and holes over double bogey made; number of greens reached in regulation; fairways hit; number of putts taken; strokes over par; and if the player's score counts in the team score.
  • Percentages are calculated for all applicable statistics listed above.
  • Strokes over par; strokes over par average; and average strokes per round are calculated automatically. Also totals and averages for "scorers only" and "entire team" are printed.
  • Each single meet golf stats printout includes date, course played and par on it, weather conditions, plus a miscellaneous entry for anything else you might wish to include on the printout.
  • Prints season-to-date stats at any time and includes the season-to-date totals for all the above statistics.
  • Season-to-date stats may include all meets or just certain ones that you choose (conference meets only, district meets only, etc.). 
  • Print out one, some, or all individual player's statistics, meet by meet, if desired. 
  • This program has the ability to save reports in “HTML” format, which may be posted directly to your website or emailed to the media.
Printout Samples: Windows Input Screen · Match Statistics

  • The “Golf Tournament” program is easy to use as it is menu-driven.
  • You control all the variables. Maximum of up to 60 schools.
  • You decide the number of golfers allowed per school.
  • You also control the number of golfers to score (usually 4 per team) and the number of golfers who are eligible to score (usually 5).
  • If you choose to allow more golfers than are eligible to score, you also choose which ones can score (for example: best 4 or a specific 4).
  • Schools with less than the required number of team golfers are automatically removed from the team scoring calculations.
  • Prior to the tournament you enter the golfers from each school and their school rank or pre-tournament stroke average.
  • Full editing of the entry list is possible up until tourney play begins.
  • A routine is included to assign golfers to playing groups (you pick size, usually foursomes) and establish tee off times, locations, and time intervals between groups.
  • Tournament entries may be printed by school or, if established, by playing group.
  • Tournament format is a maximum of 6 rounds.
  • As golfers finish each round, you select school and player from menus for fast entry. Then input the player's score. After the last player has finished, the computer scores the tournament.
  • Scoring may be either round-by-round (normally used) or cumulative scores to date. There is a tie-breaking routine included in case of ties in the team score.
  • A re-draw of playing groups for subsequent rounds is included. This re-draw is based on previous round scores and places either team leaders together or individual leaders together.
  • Final results are done and ready to print immediately following the conclusion of the tournament.
  • Final printout includes the: (a) team scoring, (b) final tournament placing of all golfers in the tournament, and (c) final placing of just those golfers eligible for team scoring. The final tournament results may be edited and re-scored if necessary.
  • There is also a provision to print a school-by-school post-tournament summary.
  • Separate divisions may be scored within the same tournament. Example: you could play two divisions together, then score and print (a) the overall tournament, (b) division #1 separate, and (c) division #2 separate.
  • This program has the ability to save reports in “HTML” format, which then may be posted directly to your website or attached and emailed to the media.
Printout Samples:
Windows Input Screen · Entries Sample, Tournament Results,
Post Tournament Summary

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