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"We have used our Football Statistics software from Park Enterprises for two years now. It has become one of the best purchases we have ever made. Our software program has enabled us to keep accurate, up to the minute stats of our players. We have been able to use the results to promote our players to the regional and state media, have them ready for end of season voting and banquet programs, and to update our team on our progress and/or areas we need to work on. Thanks, in part, to Park Enterprises, we were able to win our 1st ever League Championship in 2004, and a berth in the Ohio State Playoffs." 
Barry Goettemoeller, Head Football Coach, Carrollton H.S. - Carrollton, OH
Park Enterprises - Coaching statistics stats software for football
. Now available, eight football software programs to assist you and your football team. Our programs are compatible with all computers running Windows 7 and previous versions. The only system requirement is that there be 10 megs of free hard drive space available for successful installation.
  • Easy to use football stats software, no computer knowledge necessary. Uses football talk.
  • The capacity of the “Football Statistics” software is; (1) the number of teams is unlimited, (2) up to 16 games per team, and (3) up to 100 players per team.
  • Complete individual and team football stats for rushing, passing, pass receiving, scoring, place-kicking, kickoffs & returns, punts and returns, turnovers, and tackles.
  • For easier data entry, statistics are calculated automatically wherever possible. For example, your team’s rushing yardage can be easily calculated from the rushing yardage totals of your individual players. No need to add it yourself.
  • Individual game stats or season-to-date cumulative stats printouts are available at any time.
  • All versions have full editing capability of any game's statistics at any time.
  • The Windows version has the ability to save reports in "HTML" format so your statistics may be posted directly to your web site or may be emailed to the media.

Printout Samples: Windows Input Screen · Single Game · Season-to-Date


  • If you hand-write your football practice plans, you'll love this software.
  • It is best described as a glorified word processor except drills and activities only need to be input once instead of re-typing them daily.
  • It is menu-driven so it's easy to use.
  • Full editing capability of all drill files and practice planning is included.
  • The Football Practice Planner program has 16 different drill file categories such as warm-up activities, offensive line drills, receivers drills, linebackers drills, team activities, etc. built right into the software.
  • There are up to 18 drills in each category that you input using your own personal drill names.
  • To plan a practice, you simply input day, date, and practice starting time, then select your practice activities from menus of the drill files and enter the drill period length.
  • The running clock time is kept automatically.
  • There is an option to type in any coach’s notes for any drill period.
  • The squad may be split into small groups (up to 10) for any practice period with different drills assigned to each group.
  • Final product is a neat and concise practice plan suitable for bulletin boards, copying, and filing (good for liability protection).
  • There is storage and recall for up to 80 different plans per season.

Printout Samples: Windows Input Screen · Practice Planner


  • Scout your opponents or check your own offensive tendencies. Find out what plays work best, when and where.
  • There are 21 different types of analyses possible:
    The six simple analysis types including (1) run or pass, (2) type of play run, (3) formation used, (4) down & distance, (5) hash mark areas, and (6) field position zones.
  • There are15 more two-level combinations of the six categories above (examples: type of plays run from each formation, type of plays run in each down and distance situation, etc.).
  • Use your own terminology for play types (150 maximum) and formations (100 maximum).
  • Analyze any individual game or any group of games anytime. Printouts show how often each play is run, the yards made, the yards per attempt, and percent of total for each type of analysis.
  • There is a choice of printing one, some, or all of the 21 types of analyses.
  • This software can analyze the offensive plays of up to 20 games thus is a great scouting tool, yet simple to use and understand.

Printout Samples: Windows Input Screen · Offense Analyzer


  • Which defensive schemes are most effective? Which alignments are statistically the best? Which stunts are the most effective?
  • This piece of software is similar to the Offense Analyzer, except that it has (1) defensive alignments instead of play types and (2) defensive variations (stunts and coverages) instead of formations.
  • There are 21 types of analyses. Examples: alignments used; stunts from each defensive alignment; defensive alignments for each down and distance situation; defenses used in each field zone; etc.
  • Prints one game or any group of games and lists frequency of use, yards allowed, the average yards/attempt, and the percentage of total attempts for each item of analysis.
  • Program capabilities and capacities are identical to Offense Analyzer.

Printout Samples: Windows Input Screen · Defense Analyzer


  • The Football Press-Box Statistics software is for recording the statistics of both teams DURING a football game so instant stats are readily available.
  • Stats recorded include rushing, passing, pass receiving, scoring, kickoffs & returns, punts & returns, takeaways, and tackles for players from both teams. There are stats for up to 100 players on each team, plus an unlisted player choice for any player inadvertently or intentionally omitted from the roster (offensive linemen, etc.) but who might register a statistic anyway.
  • The current up-to-date game stats maybe viewed or printed at any point during the game.
  • Also your football game stats can be saved any time for later recall.
  • An export routine is included to convert the game stats recorded by the "FOOTBALL PRESS-BOX STATS" software to the regular "FOOTBALL STATISTICS" program. No need to re-enter which saves much time and effort.
  • This program also has the ability to save reports in “HTML” format, which then may be posted directly on your website or emailed to the media.

Printout Samples: Windows Input Screen · Press Box Stats


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