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"I use the Park Enterprises cross country statistics and cross country meet scoring program. My athletes are given a personalized printout of their season performances at our team banquet. They seem to appreciate seeing how hard work translates to improved performances. The xc meet scoring program saves time in our fairly large co-ed tri-school meets held after a long day of teaching. The user-friendly format is easy to use even for technology challenged people."
Ron Murray, Boys & Girls Cross Country/Indoor Track Coach
Whitesboro High School - Marcy, New York

. Park Enterprises has five excellent computer programs available to assist you and your cross-country teams. Our programs are compatible with all computers running Windows 7 and previous versions. The only system requirement is that there be 10 megs of free hard drive space available for successful installation.  
  • The “Cross Country Statistics” software keeps statistics for your cross-country team(s) throughout the season.
  • Designed specifically for the sport of cross-country, this software is menu-driven so it is very easy to use.
  • The number of teams that can be tracked is unlimited.
  • The program’s maximums are up to 80 athletes in up to 40 meets per team.
  • Meet information includes meet name, meet date, meet site, length of race, team place and team points scored, race conditions (weather), plus a miscellaneous entry of your choice.
  • Individual runner information included place won, overall race time, and up to 8 race-splits for each athlete.
  • One special feature. The total size of the race field is included so that a percentile rank may be determined for each runner. This percentile rank is calculated for each race and also for season-to-date.
  • This software has automatic subtraction of each runner's cumulative times to get his or her race splits (if you wish to use it).
  • Cumulative time of the top five runners is calculated and listed. Average time per mile (or kilometer, etc.) listed for each runner.
  • Printouts available are (a) Single meet statistics, (b) Season-to-date statistics for each athlete, and (c) Ranked efforts (top 10, etc.).
  • Each meet may be called up at any time and edited if necessary.
  • This program has the ability to save reports in “HTML” format, which may be posted directly to your website or emailed to the media.
Printout Samples: Windows Input Screen · Meet Statistics

  • The “Cross-Country Scorer” software can score an unlimited number of races.
  • You can have multiple race files open and move from race to race with ease.
  • Set-up information and school lists are re-usable from race to race if desired.
  • Easy to use as it is menu-driven.
  • For each race, you control all variables: number of schools (maximum of 100), number of runners to score (usually 5 per team), the number of runners who are eligible to score (usually 7), and the number of runners allowed per school (usually 7 also, maximum of 80). 
  • Two methods are provided to enter contestant numbers (computer generated or you pick 'em). In either case, a duplicate number check is made after the entries are completed so that two runners don't have the same number.
  • Full editing of the school lists and each school's entry list is possible up until race time.
  • Each race's entries may be printed normally and/or on 1-up mailing labels to stick on each runner. At the finish line, simply type in each contestant's number as they finish. Program gets the name and school from the entries list.
  • At the finish line, simply type in each contestant's number as they finish. Program gets the name and school from the entries list.
  • There is an error check here to be sure each entered-number is valid. After the last runner has finished, the computer scores the race.
  • A tie-breaking routine is included in case of ties in the team score. 
  • Schools with less than the required number of team runners are automatically eliminated from the team scoring.
  • Times may be entered either at your convenience after the race is completed or as each runner finishes (not recommended).
  • The final printout includes the: (a) meet name, date, etc., (b) team scoring, (c) final finishing place of all runners in the race, (d) final placing of only those runners eligible for the team scoring, and (e) each runner's time if entered.
  • There is also provision for printing an "After-the-Race" results summary of each school's runners.
  • The final results of the race may be edited and re-scored if necessary. Separate divisions (sub-races) may be scored within the same main race. Example: you could run two divisions together, then score and print (a) the overall race, (b) division #1 separate, and (c) division #2 separately.
  • There is an option for you to use "Ghost" Scoring and "Non-Displacement Scoring" if desired.
  • This program has the ability to save reports in “HTML” format, which then may be posted directly to your website or emailed to the media
Printout Samples: Windows Input Screen · Meet Results & Team Summary


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