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Mac Users: My school helped me get the Park Enterprises Track Statistics program to work on my Mac! I have a version of Parallels and it works beautifully. I have entered all my athletes and meets. Really excited for the first meet. Thank you again so much, and I would happily recommend you and your company to anyone. 
Kristy Buchman, Tunkhannock Area High School - Tunkhannock, PA



Note to all Macintosh computer users: Good news and bad news…..

Park Enterprises no longer support the Macintosh computer with native OS-X software. 

"We just don't sell enough Mac software any more to justify the additional expense. Sorry."

(1) Any Mac equipped with OS-9 or an earlier operating system can run our Mac software. It is native to these earlier operating systems and you should have no problem.

(2) Some of the earlier OS-X Mac computers included a feature called “Classic Mode” which allows that particular Mac to run OS-9 and earlier software, ours included. So, if you have an OS-X Mac with Classic, you can use our native Mac software. There is however a printer issue associated with printing from Classic Mode. When OS-X was released, the printer manufacturers put a printer driver into production to be included with OS-X that prints the native OS-X software. Unfortunately printing from Classic Mode was omitted in this printer driver. This glitch has since been rectified by nearly every manufacturer. If you have a printer that will print fine using native OS-X applications but will not print from programs in the Classic Mode, you may now go to your printer manufacturer’s web site and download free the latest version of their printer driver for the make and model of your printer and it will fix this problem.

(3) If you have one of the newer Macs that use the Intel Dual-Core chips, you will NOT be able to use our native Mac software as it is totally incompatible to this type of Macintosh computer.

(4) HOWEVER, these newer Macs with the Intel Dual-Core chips can be configured to run our Windows software. There is a product called “Boot Camp” that will partition your hard drive into two parts, one part for native Mac OS-X software and the other part for true Windows software. It is like having two computers in the same box. There is also a software solution called “Parallels” that accomplishes the same thing. Users report to us that both solutions work fine.

You cannot order native Macintosh software over this website. It is exclusively for Windows.

If you wish to order native Mac software programs, call us at 1-402-753-0396 or fax your purchase order at 1-402-753-0432. Please be certain that you can run the software on your specific machine by re-reading items #1 and #2 above before you place an order.

If you have one of the newer Macs with the Intel Dual Core chips and are set up to run Windows software, then yes, you can place software orders on this web site.

Jerry Park
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