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The Track Meet Organizer's guest program is a FREE piece of software that is used by invited guests to provide the host school of an upcoming track meet with their roster and their entries in each event. Using this guest program, you can email your information to the host who then can merge your information into his file without re-typing it. This saves your host several hours of time and much effort.

From this page, you will download the file titled "Track Meet Guest.exe". This is a FREE downloadable file that contains two smaller files. One of these smaller files is the Track Meet Organizer's guest program itself. The other smaller file is a text file titled "READ ME FIRST.txt" that contains your instructions for using the guest program. 

1) READ AND PRINT THIS PAGE of instructions. It will help you download and save the two files found within "Track Meet Guest.exe". There is a "Print this Page" button at the bottom of this page. Click on it to print this page of instructions.

2) Next, click on the download button, also found at the bottom of this page. This will begin the process of downloading the file "Track Meet Guest.exe". When the dialog box appears, click "Save File". A new box will open that will give you the option to save this file. Anywhere on your computer is fine but the desktop is the recommended location. The important thing is to remember where you saved it because you are going to have to be able to find it later. Before you click "Save", look at the screen and remember where it says it is going to save it when you hit Save.

3) (After you have read and printed this page and have finished the download of the "Track Meet Guest.exe" file, you can exit the Park Enterprises website and return to your desktop (or the location of where you saved the file, if you chose to save it somewhere other than your desktop). Click on the X in the upper right hand corner of the window to exit the Park Enterprises web site.

4) Next, find and run the file "Track Meet Guest.exe" (that's the file you just downloaded and saved). It will be located wherever you told the download process to put it, probably on your desktop or in your “My downloads” or in your "My Documents" folder. Once you locate this file, just double-click on it to run it. 

5) Select "Unzip" from the dialog box that appears. The unzip process will result in two new files, "Guest Installer.exe" and "READ ME FIRST.txt". A folder entitled "PARK32" will be created in the root directory of your computer's hard drive (C:\) and these two new files, "Guest Installer.exe" and "READ ME FIRST.txt" will be placed within it. When finished, click the "close" box. 

6) To access the folder "PARK32" from your desktop, open "My Computer" and then Local Drive C:\. You will see several folders. Find the folder named "PARK32" and open it. Inside you will find at least two files but there may be more (if you have purchased some Park Enterprises software yourself). One of the files you are looking for is "READ ME FIRST.txt". This file contains your instructions and you should open and read it first. The other is "Guest Installer.exe" which installs the main guest program on to your computer. 

7) DO THIS NEXT: Open the text file "READ ME FIRST.txt" with any word processor. Read it, and then print it. It may be viewed and printed with Word, WordPad, or NotePad or any other word processor. Again, do this before attempting to install and run "Guest Installer.exe"

8) Next: Run "Guest Installer.exe". This will start the installation process and place the guest program, named tkorgnzr32_g.exe", on your computer. Refer to the instructions found in your printed copy of "READ ME FIRST.txt" for guidance in running "tkorgnzr32_g.exe".

9) If you find yourself needing assistance, call or email the host of the track meet or Park Enterprises. Either will be glad to assist.

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